The jimmy Hanna Big Band” by The jimmy Hanna Band

:Bolo Records BSCD 8012-2

Seafair-Bolo Records announces the release of The jimmy Hanna Big Band CD compilation. The jimmy Hanna Band was formed in 1965 after Jimmy Hanna left as vocalist of The Dynamics. The band performed a mix of R&B, jazz and rock styles, in a unique big band configuration. They performed solo and backed several of the touring groups of the 60's, and their singles have been listed as having been played in the clubs of "Northern Soul" England.

   As Jimmy Hanna relates, “Although it appeared to have roots in James Brown's Band and Bobby Blue Bland's Band, it was way different in that it was a group of young players with no guidelines for playing in a Big Band. The sound was unmistakable. On any given night it sounded like a freight train in the middle of a jungle.  We predated the Bigger Bands to appear on the National Scene some 10 years later.”


Track Listing: 1. Chinese Checkers, 2. Big Chief, 3. I Pity The Fool, 4. New York Philly, 5. And Or, 6. Larry's Bag, 7. Lonely Man, 8. Baby Don't Lose Your Cool Part 1, 9. Baby Don't Lose Your Cool Part 2, 10. Mean Greens, 11. Cantaloupe Island, 12. Happy Hour, 13. Sunny, 14. Jerk It, 15. Year Of The dove Part 1, 16. Stolen Moments, 17. Year Of The dove Part 2, 18. Baby Don't Lose Your Cool Part 1- Band Track