The Dynamics With Jimmy Hanna

1960-65 double cd set : Bolo Records BSCD 8009-2

During the last twenty five years, the Pacific Northwest’s music scene of the late fifties and sixties has become quite popular on a world wide level. The so called “garage band” phenomenon that has swept the charts gets its roots from such legendary local bands like Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Sonics, the Wailers and the Kingsmen. The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna were contemporaries of these acts, yet by design they stood apart.

Disc 1: (1) J.A.J, (2) Busybody, (3) Tennesse Boy, (4) Tough Talk, (5) Leaving Here, (6) Work Song, (7) Save Your Love For Me, (8) Candido, (9) At The Mardi Gras, (10) Genevieve, (11) J.A.J (Live), (12) Hey Girl, (13) Spongy, (14) Don't Cry No More, (15) Wild Girl, (16) Since I Fell For You, (17) Doin' The Birdland, (18) Moonlight In Vermont, (19) Long Distance, (20) Monkey Time, (21) Feel All Right, (22) Misty

Disc 2: (1) Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?, (2) Jelly Bread, (3) Comin Home Baby, (4) Where Does Love Go?, (5) Sudsy, (6) Knee Poppin', (7) Someone, Somewhere, (8) Come On (Let The Good Times Rool), (9) Blind Man, Bind Man, (10) I Pity the Fool, (11) Dirty Bird (Doin' The Birdland), (12) Drivin' Wheel, (13) Big Cat, (15) Tom's Blues, (16) Heads Up, (17) If You Love Me Like You say, (18) Old Man River, (19) That's All, (20) Think, (21) One Mint Julep, (22) Onion Salad, (23) Lonesome Llama, (24) Busybody (live), 25 Lonnie On The Move