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"Framed" - Bolo #1207

This trio performed for a loyal following in the Seattle area during the years 2000-2005. Their sound is a blend of alternative, garage rock and pop, soft acoustic to screaming power chords, with influences from rock and pop sounds from the 50’s through the 00’s. Their live shows included covers from Richie Valens, Simon and Garfunkle, Neil Young and U2. Lars Emerick on guitar and vocals, Steve Damm on drums and Kristin Pleasant Harbak on bass and vocals put their unique touch on both the covers and original songs. This CD showcases the group’s strong original tunes. The song “Avoiding Summer’ received some college radio airplay nationally.

1) Voids, 2) I’d Rather, 3) String, 4) Avoiding Summer, 5) Slip away, 6) Waiting, 7) Everything, 8) Candles, 9) Fear, 10) I Win, 11) Memo, 12) Drive You Mad, 13) Over the Mountains

Track no. 9 "Fear"