SaxeTexaS Saxophone Quartet

"Riggs Rags" : Bolo Classique BSCD 8008-2

The Piano rags of Scott Joplin are a treasure of American Music. The SaxeTexaS Saxophone Quartet (James Riggs, Lee Pulliam, Jim Hanna Ogilvy, and Terry Steele) has created and recorded arrangements of these classic works. Get ready to enjoy some familiar tunes in an exciting new way.

Song Listing: 1) Peacherine Rag, (2) Ragtime Nightmare, (3) The Ragtime Dance, (4) Solace, (5) Sunflower Slow Drag, (6) Elite Syncopations, (7) Something Doing, (8) The Entertainer, (9) Palm Leaf Rag, (10) The Favorite, (11) Weeping Willow, (12) Maple Leaf Rag

Track no. 1 "Peacherine Rag"