The Slamhound Hunters - "Private Jungle" - Satin #1203

This great band was formed in Seattle in the 1980’s by Lou Erlanger and Kim Field, who met and performed together while students at Columbia University in the early ‘70’s. Lou went on to be the acclaimed guitarist for the Mink DeVille Band’s first three LP’s, as well as doing session and touring work. A stop in Seattle reunited him with harmonica master Field and the Slamhound Hunters were conceived. Nebraskan bassist Mark Dalton (Zager and Evans), and New Orleans-raised drummer Leslie ”Stardums” Milton (Sonny and Cher, Johnny Otis and session work on many chart recordings) completed the lineup. The band took the sounds of the Mississippi Delta and updated them, with a dark sense of humor thrown in.

Song Listing: 1) Cadillac Walk, 2) Test of Time, 3) Fugitive, 4) Good Man, 5) Hard Work, 6) By Night I Dream, 7) Lonely Woman, 8) Ain't That Crazy, 9) Love or Pity, 10) Swamp Crab, 11) Rockin' My Boat, 12) Snake Sheds It's Skin, 13) Joe the Ripper.

Track no. 12 "The Snake Sheds Its Skin"