Texas Times

Jim Riggs - Stefan Karlsson : Bolo Records BSCD 8013-2

Bolo Classique Records announces the March 18, 2016 release of “Texas Times”, the new recording by stellar jazz artists Jim Riggs and Steffan Karlsson. The two write, “For several years we have talked about playing duo music and recording together. Finally in the fall of 2014 we were presented with several opportunities that led to this recording. A friendship that goes back to 1980, this project is a special one extending from student to mentor and then to a professional relationship. The selected songs are tunes that feel comfortable in a duo setting and that we mutually share. Some are more well known than others, however our intention is to pay respect to the American Songbook. This is a ‘live recording’ with no over-dubbing and minimal edits. We recorded just a few feet from each other, in the same room without headphones, so what you hear is what we heard as we played. It seems that jazz and other serious music has taken a backseat in American culture. Evidence of this is the lack of quality performances on American radio and television. Our intention for this project was to record music that would be of interest to listeners of fine music. It seems that cultures worldwide possess a greater appreciation for the arts, and there is a need to help preserve jazz music as the great American art form”.

Disc 1: (1) On a Misty Night, (2) Our Waltz, (3) The Second Time Around, (4) Some Other Time, (5) Ruby, (6) Good Morning Heartache, (7) You Don't Know What Love Is, (8) Be My Love, (9) All The Way, (10) Young and Foolish, (11) They Say It's Wonderful