The Viceroys

The Viceroys at Granny's Pad - Seafair-Bolo #8006-2

The Viceroys were a top band on the 1960’s Pacific Northwest teen dance circuit, and their recording “Granny’s Pad “ and “Goin’ Back To Granny’s” charted high on regional radio.  “Granny’s Pad” was released nationally on Dot Records.  The first recordings were jazz and R&B influenced instrumentals, with later recordings like” Bacon Fat” and “That Sound” featuring solo and harmony vocals.  Founding member Jim Valley went on to join Don and the Goodtimes and Paul Revere and the Raiders, and the band toured with the Raiders and The Beach Boys.  This CD includes all of the band’s recordings for Seafair-Bolo Records, 17 of which were released on LP or 45, and 10 of which have not been previously released.  The CD is a must-have for fans or collectors of “The Northwest Sound”. 

Song Listing: 1) Granny's Pad, 2)Blue Bonquet, 3) Goin' Back to Granny's, 4) Get Set, 5) David's Mood, 6) Dartell Stomp, 8) Tiger Shark, 9) Heartbreak, 10) Sack O' Woe, 11) Come On, 12) Granny's Medley 13) Louie Louie, 14) Buckin' The Wild, 15) Please Please Please, 16) Bacon Fat, 17) Until, 18) Sha La La, 19) Little Latin Lupe Lu, 20) Jerkin' Around, 21) That Sound, 22) Slow Down, 23) Tired Of Waiting For You, 24) Blues on Broadway, 26) Manhattan Mood, 27) Comin' Home Baby

Track no. 1 "Granny's Pad"