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Bolo Classique Records announces the March 18, 2016 release of “Texas Times”, the new recording by stellar jazz artists Jim Riggs and Steffan Karlsson. The two write, ".... The selected songs are tunes that feel comfortable in a duo setting and that we mutually share. Some are more well known than others, however our intention is to pay respect to the American Songbook”.


Seafair-Bolo Records/Bolo Classique Records announces the release of The jimmy Hanna Big Band CD compilation. The jimmy Hanna Band was formed in 1965 after Jimmy Hanna left as vocalist of The Dynamics. The band performed a mix of R&B, jazz and rock styles, in a unique big band configuration. They performed solo and backed several of the touring groups of the 60's, and their singles have been listed as having been played in the clubs of "Northern Soul" England.


The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna, a two CD set of recording made originally during the late 50s and early 60s has been digitally re-mastered and is ready to bring you the dance hall sound you remember.  This Dynamics cd has material previously released on Bolo LP Records and some new gems that are only available on this 2010 double CD compilation.


Osadchy and Markina's "Russian Romances" on the Bolo Classique Label. Russian composition arranged by Mr. Osadchy for cello and piano.  “Russian Romances” will take the you on a journey that is honest, emotional, and profound.

Seafair Records was founded by Tom Ogilvy, a Seattle songwriter and long time supporter of Northwest musicians.  The label had several releases, and 1962's "Meet Me In Seattle (At The Fair)" was Seafair's first local hit.  Joe Boles had a great Seattle recording studio, and had recorded The Fleetwoods, The Ventures, Bobby Darin, The Frantics and Big Jay Mc Neely.  Joe contacted Tom & said "Let's get together---you have the company & I have the recording studio.  Tom agreed and said 'Let's call it Bolo after Boles & Ogilvy'".  The 60's releases on the Bolo label and it's associated Seafair, Virgelle and Nolta labels read like a who's who of the popular regional performers of the decade. The Viceroys, The Dynamics with Jimmy Hanna, Tiny Tony and The Statics, Walt Wagner and The Exotics and Dave Lewis were all big draws on the local dance circuit, and some of their recordings on the Bolo label sold as well as the national recording artists in Pacific Northwest record stores.  Merrilee Rush (Angel of the Morning) appeared on Tiny Tony and The Statics, "Hey, Mrs. Jones".  It was her first record.  Internationally known jazz guitarist Larry Coryell was a member of The Dynamics, and Virgelle artist Butch Paulson's "Man From Mars" is a novelty cult classic.

Now, the Bolo label has returned with CD reissues of some of the classic 60's recordings, and a number of new CD releases by current artists.

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Bolo-Digital in North Texas, is dedicated to the highest standard in digital sound capture. Focused with high-end digital and analog tools, and using latest analog/digital techniques for recording/mastering, we can create a stereo or surround sound session using Direct Stream Digital (DSD) or sub-sample accurate PCM at up to 192kHz. Let Bolo-Digital engineer your next CD, DVD-Audio, and SACD.